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SSDF Opposes South’s Crude Transit via Kenya.          South Sudan: 30 People Killed in Fresh Attacks in South Sudan's Jonglei State.                                          The White Army Vows to Launch a ‘Real War’, Warns SPLA.                Disarmament has start in Jonglei state..                40 thousand Lou Nuer preparing for a clash with the SPLA. .                           South Sudan’s Rebel Group Denies Peace Deal With The Government; Dismisses It As ‘Defection’ .                        SSLA ORDERED THE ARREST OF SSPLM/A LEADER, TONG LUAL AYAT..               South Sudan: Planned government disarmament campaign risks further destabilizing Jonglei state Enough Project .                        South Sudan’s Rebel Group Warns Of Imminent War; Calls On Civilians, NGOs, And UN Personnel To Leave Towns..                      Gai Lel Ngundeng Joins Jonglei Peace Initiative, Pledges to Help Bring Peace to Jonglei.“.                 Corruption: Now Official SPLM Policy                                 Fire consumes headquarters of South Sudan’s ruling party..              The “New Sudan,” vision and its effects on Southern Sudanese unification..                                  Lou Nuer in Australia Have Declared Their Support to the White Army..                               South Sudan’s VP declares his net worth, urges peers to do same.                          An Open Letter to Fangak .                             Lou Nuer in Canada and USA support Nuer and Dinka White Army in South Sudan..                  South Sudanese Community in Ethiopia Calling for Removal of Arop Deng Kuol.                   South Sudan: Ex-Minister Accuses Amum of Taking $30 Million, Named VP in Scandal.                       Reveal list most corrupt officials, ex-minister dares S. Sudan speaker.                        Marking the 1st anniversary of February 9th Fangak Massacre. .                  BISHOPS OF INDIANAPOLIS AND BRAZIL PROMISE TO CONSTRUCT MALEK BIBLE SCHOOL IN BOR..             South Sudan: Former Finance Minister Threatens to Expose Corruption in Boss.                      South Sudan: Men in Uniform Kill a Man After Taking His Money.                     Journalist assaulted, humiliated at S. Sudan parliament.                Nuer and Dinka White Army Will Launch Operation Savannah Storm.                Fighting Erupts In Mayiendit County Of Unity State Heavy fighting erupted yesterday in Unity State’s.           Arthur Akuien Chol, the former Minister of Finance and the former Governor of the Central Bank Elijah Malok Aleng for money thefts.        Kuol Manyang Juuk: A typical governor of dead, wounded and displaced persons in the state of Jongulei..                                            Southern Sudan Restricts Offering Nationality for Non Dinka Communities. .                   Constructing a New Oil Pipeline is impossible without Approval of SSLA and SSDA.                            The ‘Oyee party’ of president Kiir on the constitution.                 Southern Parliament to Question Salve Kir on halting Oil production..                The battle between South Sudanese insiders and outsiders over the question of who fought the war? A novel challenge in South Sudan’s social, political and economic stability.                     Gunmen killed at least 51 people in the latest ethnic clashes in South Sudan's troubled Jonglei state, the region's governor said Tuesday.                          South Sudan clashes: Dozens killed in Jonglei state.                 47 die in another round of S.Sudan tribal violence .              All Nuer Should Fight Murle Youth and SPLA Defectors who Create Insecurity in South Sudan Decree No:                Jonglei revenge attack kills 55 - official.      South Sudan president receives senior CPC official, vows further ties. .                37 killed In Uror County Of Jonglei State.                       Jonglei: Minister says Murle raiders include SPLA defectors.                               THE CASE AGAINST BRIG. GEN. GATWEC JOAK, GEN. TANGINYE AND MAJ. GEN. MABOR DHOL..                                 South Sudan’s Rebel Group Appeals to Peter Gatdet’s Forces to Come Back, Accuses SPLA of Mistreatment and Discrimination.                    Murle revenge attack on Luo-Nuer ’kills 60’ in Jonglei’s Akobo County.                        COMMUNIQUE OF NUER COMMUNITY IN THE DIASPORA ON.                               The Nuer White. Army Ended Operations against Murle.                           NUER YOUTH HAVE CAPTURED LOLKUANGOLE AND ARE.                               Lou Nuer Forum-Network] Results of the Nuer Worldwide Conference. .                           The Lou Nuer Youth warned the SPLA Troops and the UN Joint forces not to focus their protection on Murle civilians alone..                 The Lou Nuer Youth in Murle territories rejected inappropriate labeling of their anticipated self defence against the Murle community in Jonglei.                                 PRESS RELEASE - NEW YEAR MESSAGE FROM FANGAK YOUTH UNION.                             You need to change your political objectives Dear Cde Tong,       Division of Jonglei State is not an end Solution to the tribal violent: The problem is the People, Not the Land!.                    South Sudan VP attempts to stop Jonglei violence.                               THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN  JONGLEI STATE, FANGAK COUNTY.                            The office of the Chairman and Commander in Chief of South Sudan Democratic Movement & South Sudan Defence Army (SSDM/A).                                     Statement on the assassination of George Athor Ugandan President Museveni Assassinated.                        Athor's demise: any good lessons for other rebels still by and large?.                           General Athor’s life comes to an end, Uganda’s president accused of involvemen.                                   Salva Kiir tried to assassinate SSDM/A leader George Athor.    Please do not forget SPLA deeds:          South Sudan leader makes first visit to Israel.                                     BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan’s rebel leader George Athor “killed”.                     NUER COMMUNITY IN UNITED STATES CALLED FOR THE FORMATION OF WHITE ARMY IN NUERLAND.                 Rebels Warn U.S. Companies Against Investment.                       Islamic religion is an insult to the Republic of South Sudan national identity and the pride of South Sudanese citizens..                          Total Oil Company Must Deal with SSLA To Build a New Oil Pipeline South Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SSLM/A).                        Sudan & S.Sudan clash in disputed area.                        Jonglei, S. Sudan: 40 people killed in village raid.                                Jonglei, S. Sudan: 40 people killed in village raid.                                Review of Higher Education in South Sudan.                                    The so-called President's Kiir amnesty deserves.                         The danger of mounting rift among southerners.                        S. Sudan MPs summon 3 senior ministers over insecurity.                    Fifty SPLA soldiers defected to SSLA.                        SSLA CAPTURED SPLA COLONEL AND FORTY FIVE SOLDIERS.      The Perception of ageing and ageism in our Contemporary Society.                   S.Sudan rebels claim captives and urge Unity state evacuation.                                    Operation Ending Corruption is postponed .                          “Nyan Beny”: “Sometimes we blame the consequences of our behaviour and actions on others”.                Press statement – for immediate release! Fangak Youth Union expresses its solidarity with the people of Atar in Pigi.                                    SSLA AND SSDA WARN CIVILIANS TO GET OUT OF MALAKAL TOWN Joint Command of SSLA and SSDA Upper Nile State,                          Nationalism or tribalism?: the South Sudanese citizens are yet to choose..                         SSLA Urges UN To Evacuate Nuba Refugees.                                    MPs Sheds Tears Over Audit Report to Parliament.                          New Presidential Decrees issued on 11/11/2011, for the Relief and appointment of Undersecretaries..                        South Sudan president replaces head of anti-corruption commission.             S. Sudan Unity State oil production down about 25 pct .                     South Sudan's oil production drops since independence.                                       President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir Caught the Malaria of Col.Muammar Gadhafi..                         How, Who and Why of My Arbitrary Arrest in Juba.                          Bashir declares “liberation” of Kurmuk, threatens South Sudan.                           SSLA Captured Nhialdiew; Warned UNMISS to Stay Neutral.                             Kenya: S. Sudan Opposition Party Leader Missing.                         Sudan: Army Accuses Khartoum Based Airline Company of Aiding Rebels.                                S.Sudan rebels say battling gov't forces in oil state .           South Sudan, darling of the West, faces charges of politicarepression.                                   General Education Undersecretary Dishes 71,540 USD for Family Travel. .                        What kind of message Malaak Ayuen wanted to convey to public through SSTV.                      Going to Ramciel is a blessing in disguise for strategies not stratagems.                                 President Kiir: Between the rock and the hard place.                         President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestine State:.                Those opposing relocation of capital to Ramciel have a hidden agenda!.                           SPLM and Mass Media: Promoting history on falsity.            New Rebel Movement Emerges in South Sudan; Calls For The Overthrow Of The Government..                                      Sudan: South Sudan Plans to Disarm 150,000 Soldiers From Security Forces .                       This seriouse attacks was carried out by the citizens from Amich county in Warrap State.                       Displaying Bior Asuad and Kuol de Mabior’s stupidity I think stupid bior asuad and stupid kuol de mabior want .                                 Lies and illusions of South Sudan President Kiir. .                            Kiir Anti-Corruption War Is Nothing but Blooper.                        “The 13 Top Corrupt South Sudanese.” Who’re they?!.                                 Sudan and South Sudan sign border agreement .                             Mayardit attack in Unity State!.                      Dinkas struck on Western-Nuer civilians                             Secret Master of klling Tangginya, Thomas Mabor and Gatwech Jok.            Unity state: 30 dead, 13 injured in cattle raid on Mayiandit.         The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA), Gen Paulino Matip yesterday returned to Juba after medical treatment in Nairobi..                                 Congratulatory Letter from Mr. Obang Metho, Executive Director of SMNE to President Salva Kiir Mayardit.                             Fighting Erupted out on Canal Jonglei Road..                      Dr. David de Chand on SPLM/A atrocities agaist the Nuer Nation of South Sudan SPLM/A Targeting the Nuer Nation for Genocide in South Sudan..                              Athor Warns Civilians to Stay Away From South Sudan’s Military Bases.                             End Tribalism, Corruption, South Sudenese Say..                                  SOUTH SUDAN HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY FOR ADVOCACY.                   The Statistical Facts of Domination in Kiir's New Government..                 Bul Community in Diaspora Challenge the Wisdom of Abysmal SPLM Leadership in Unity State.      Dr. Machar's alleged apology to Dinka Bor.                   Registration Law of Political Parties, is a Necessity.                                   What we want is Economist in the Ministry of Finance, not a Money keeper                                                                           Nuer Community holds the Government of South Sudan Responsible for the killings of civilians..                PULLITA COMMUNITY CONGRATULATES GENERAL JOHN KONG NYUON.                       Nuer Community in North America Denounced Policies Targeting Nuer Ethnic Group. .                  Confronting our Demons: Criminals breed criminals .                   SDM\A Captured the SPLA base in Upper Nile State town Kaka..        Continuing Death of War Survivors Bruised Our Martyrs in Their Graves.                      INEVITABILITY OF SOUTH SUDAN BEING A FAILED STATE.                       Saving ROSS from a destructive SPLM.                   Tribalizing things Will Take Our Young Nation to Nowhere.                             E. Equatoria’s Madi community tells Dinka IDPs to go home.                             South Sudan’s Warrap state asks committee to investigate death of over 300 people.                               Kiir sacks South Sudan’s bank governor and chief justice.                     South Sudanese SSLA Special Force. Gen. Salfa Kir, masterminded the killing of Col. Gatluak Gai.                          AU officially admits South Sudan as new member state .                            Brief Analysis on Dr Machar Unreserved Apology..                             Machar has apologised to Dinka Bor community - army official.                       South Sudan parliament’s first sitting fails over internal power wrangling. VICE-PRESIDENT NOT CONSULTED. .                                              S. Sudan splinter rebel faction disowns peace deal by Staff Writers Khartoum.                NO PEACE TALKS ARE TAKING PLACE BETWEEN SSLM/A AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN.                                   South Sudan’s rebel leader Peter Gatdet returns to Juba after peace deal with gov’t.                   South Sudan's SSLA Unity State rebels 'cease fire' The SSLA forces may integrate into South Sudan's army after talks with the government. .              Former minister Kuol Athian Mawien, now abroad stollen $2 billion and ran away.  “All you people of the world, you who live on the earth, when a banner is raised on the mountain, you will see it”                        S. Sudanese oppositionist accuses Kiir of killing rebel leader Gai, warns of war..                     Bul Community Leadership in Diaspora call for Bul Society Solidarity from now onward.             Congratulatory Message to the People of South Sudan.                            Where is the amnesty was announced by president Kiir.              (SSNIAHR) Human Rights Group Calls Upon UN to Protect Civilians in South Sudan Public Statement South Sudan.                       Renegade militia leader David Yau Yau receives presidential pardon .                            Lou Nuer Youth Association in Juba has strongly condemned the attack launched by Murle people between Akobo county and Walgak Sub County..                                             South Sudan accuses SAF of backing deadly clashes in Warrap state.                                  Jonglei: Hundreds killed and many cattle raided in Pibor - official.                  Gadat Gave Warnings against Misappropriate Oil Revenues in Post Secession. .                       South Sudan Parliament's Official Angered by Questions on Constitution.           South Sudan Vice President Riek Machar denies having own Constitution..                                Machar meets US congress members in Washington.                                 NUER SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE ENDED SUCCESSFULLY..                                South Sudan ministers invited to answer questions on $2 billion missing grain scandal.                       Corruption and mismanagement of public funds in GOSS..                                 Sudan: Over 50 People Killed in Fresh Clashes in Warrap State - S. Sudan Offical.                 Meeting Minutes with Thowath Pal Chai at Mankato State University:.                       BREAKING NEWS: North Sudan army carries out air attacks in Unity state, South Sudan says .             Salva Kiir exposes his rift with Machar over South Sudan transitional constitution.                1330 Soldiers Killed and Injured in Clashes in South.                        South Sudan's worst enemy: its own armed forces?.                                           SPLA Split Groups Say is Rallying to Sweep Bnatio.                                Slaughter of hundreds of civilians alleged in South Sudan battle.               AP Exclusive: Civilians dead in South Sudan battle .                             SPLA USED TO DESTROY CIVILIANS. .                        BUL COMMUNITY IN DIASPORA CONDEMN THE KILLING OF INNOCENCE CIVILIANS IN MAYOM COUNTY BY THE SPLA.                           THE SPLA COMMITTED WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN UNITY STATE OF SOUTH SUDAN.                                       Split Factions Accuses SPLM of Executing Genocide Against Nuer..                          Sudan: 150,000 flee Abyei clash, says southern minister.         S. Sudan leader rules out war with north over Abyei.                     SPLA set fire to over 7,000 homes in Unity says Mayom county officia.                                                Abyei 's Ablaze' After Capture..                   Sudan Official Quits Over Assault on Border Town.         North Sudan 'in control' of Abyei.                           Sudanese army controls Abyei following heavy fighting.                          North Sudan accuses south of convoy ambush in Abyei.                                    North Sudan accuses south of convoy ambush in Abyei.                               SPLA launched deadly attack in Abyei.                        Unity state: more than 7,000 cattle rustled.                             It is not only the desire to be in power, but also their excessiveneed to control the wealth of the nation that's keeping us in trouble..                                      Eight killed in tribal conflict in south Sudan's Jonglei state.                               Inter-Community Violence.               Loyalists to Gatate’s militants deny receiving Arms from Khartoum.            SSLA Rolls Back four SPLA Battalions.                   Asmara Announces Boycott Southern Sudan Independent Day Celebrations.                  Split Factions Killed 182 SPLA Elements in Unity State.                                            Right Path for Multi-Party Democracy in South Sudan.                        SPLA ’kill 84’ in attacks on Gatdet’s militia in Unity state.                         Sixty six Killed in Bloodiest Clash between Gatate Forces and SPLA.                         Wanted: More accountability, less corruption.                     South Sudan to drop Abyei claims from draft constitution as unauthorized forces start withdrawal.                                   A CHALLENGE FOR THE SOUTH SUDANESE LEADERSHIP.                        John Luke Jok was wrong:                                    No Peace in Sight.                                Kaldak incident was assignation plot against Gen. Tang.                               Tribal Democracy and its effect on civil strife in Africa:  A case of GoSS/RoSS Constitution. Are we really one nation?.                          GOSS Admits Erupts of Insecurity, Preponderance of Graft Government of Southern Sudan admits for the first time that the south suffers insecurity.                                      Officials say at least 68 killed in Southern Sudan cattle raids between tribes.                     At least 68 die in Southern Sudan cattle raids..        Prosecution or Persecution: Dr. Josephine Lagu exposes her political victimization.                                     Salva Kiir and his deputy Machar Disputed over Disarmament.                               The poor Gatwech was acting at the behest of the general chief of all the devils as it was said that he (Gatwech) was given 300,000 SDG, promised a promotion to higher rank.                                                          SOUTH SUDAN DEMOCRATIC ARMY (SSDA) Press Statement.                         Constitutional review: is SPLM's constitution worth time and resources?.                             Peter Gadet: Preparing for Defeating SPLA Finally, Liberate South Sudan..                         Nuer marginalization in South Sudan a false claim – minister.                               GoSS VP Machar denies SPLM fifty-fifty power sharing with opposition.                               Sudan: Draft Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan Released.                              Gabriel Tanginya reports himself to South Sudan army.            Peter Gatdet’s forces claim victory over South Sudan army.               SOUTH SUDAN IN TURMOIL!.                      Observation and Recommendations on South Sudan Draft Transitional Constitution (2011).        Southern Constitution Stipulates Government Term in Office Duration to 2015.                    SPLM is going to collapse in a matter of time, declares Gatdet's spokesperson.                SOUTH SUDAN LIBERATION ARMY (SSLA).             South Sudan: reflections on a fragile state Sam Carpenter.                      SPLA Splitters Sweep Main Town, Advances towards Bantiu.       South Sudan Liberation Army(SSLA).                    New rebel group opens offensive in southern Sudan.                         TABAN DENG GAI SHOULD RESIGN FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE.            Honourable Anthony Makana: the right man in the right position!            S. Sudan: Why the regional cooperatio?n undersecre?tary was axed.                                SOUTH SUDAN LIBERATION ARMY SSLA. The MAYOM DECLARATION.                          Joint donors warn S. Sudan government over corruption.                       It is said that corruption among the SPLA ranks is so rampant that the survival of the new country.                           Thousands flee deadly tribal clashes in South Sudan.                                        Two killed in assassination attempt against senior SPLM official in Warrap .                              War clouds.         Athor plans to attack Juba..                           WHY SOUTH SUDAN POLITICAL PARTIES WITHDRAL FROM THE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE FOR THE REVIEW OF THE CONSTITUTION OF SOUTHERN SUDAN 2005, AND THE TASK FORCES.            S. Sudan presidential advisor reveals alleged plot to assassinate VP Machar .                                  SAF Denies Link to Disappearance of SPLA Artillery Commander.                             Khartoum distancing itself from new dissidences in South Sudan army.                      South Sudan: Will Freedom Just Lead to Civil War?.                             Pagan and the likes are a threat to peace and stability in South Sudan! .                                  Defection of General Peter Gadet is a South Sudan army.                     Latest challenge for South Sudan: Armed internal rebellion.                                    M.G Gatdet Yaka already in the bush fighting SPLA ( GOSS).   Ruweng County Citizens Petition President Kiir against Internal Occupation of Ruweng Territory.                                              without exception, the SPLA attacked. You gave someone a designated place and then you attack them -- why would you do that?" said southern opposition politician Lam Akol.                         70 killed in south Sudan clashes with rebels: army.                        South Sudan army-militia clashes kill 69--army.                   Heavy fighting in Unity State between SPLA and Southerners in Sudan army force who were suppose to be integrate in Southern Army in Riek Payam Mayom county under M. General Baping and Gai Yach, SPLA want to disarmed them with no agreement and they refused.         .     South Sudan: Conflict zone widens as militias conduct bold attacks on Malakal.                    Inclusive Constitution Body will be a road map for stability..                       South Sudan: Corruption, Scandals and the battle over the Nation’s Constitution..                               Fighting between Southern Sudan's military and forces loyal to a southern rebel leader has killed 51 troops and dislodged the renegade army commander from his bush outpost, officials said Tuesday..                           Withdrawal of South Sudan Political Parties from the Technical Committee for the Review of the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan 2005, and the Task Forces..                        Harassment, detention and torture of a South Sudanese Journalist.                                Remove Ethiopia head of mission, South Sudanese tell Kiir..                                  Machar opposed to an all-out war against forces of George Athor.                                Renegade leader clashes with S. Sudan army, offers cease-.             BREAKING NEWS: Dozens dead in Jonglei clans clash.                                   Southern Sudanese Communities Leaders calls for Dismissal of Mr. Arop Deng Kuol, GOSS Head of Mission in Ethiopia.                                       South Sudan police academy mired in abuse scandal.                                    The Smell of Death in My Home Town of Fangak..                              211 killed by Athor: Southern Sudan says Khartoum arming rebels..           Athor attack in south Sudan's Jonglei 'killed 200'.                          Wave of violence raises worries about Southern Sudan.                    Fangak massacre: who to blame, GOSS or Athor?.                              Sudan: Gabriel Tanginye to hunt for George Athor?.                      Jimmy Lemi Milla,  We all love you rest in peace.      General Tangginye came last week with his force from the North Sudan  now station in Obek near Kodok county in Shiluk Kingdom.


Vdieo in Pibor County Jan 1st 2012

Dec. 28 - South Sudan's vice president, Reik Machar Teny, urges calm in the aftermath of an attack. Deborah Lutterbeck reports ( Transcript )


The Tribalism is the South Sudan


The White Army Vows to Launch a ‘Real War’, Warns SPLA. Dear members of the media, We will attack Mureland and occupy it March 1, 2012 (SSNA) -- The Nuer White...

Disarmament has start in Jonglei state.  By Jacob Achiek Jok March 1, 2012  The SPLA forces has started the

 disarmament process in Jonglei, the forces are now being deployed to the 

areas of Lou, Bor and Murle, State governor Kuol Manyang disclosed.







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Sub:Are Dinkas born to rule the South Sudan?  May, 26, 2011 A typical conversation of three friend men of the South Sudan,

A challenge for South Sudanese Leadership: It is quiet longer to read. by Dear brothers and sisters in the South Sudan, I have been annoyed by many writers including




John Luke Jok was wrong: Response: - Easter Sunday remarks by John Luk Jok During Easter Sunday services H.E Justices John Luk

Prosecution or Persecution: Dr. Josephine Lagu exposes her political victimization. BY: Dr. Josephine Lagu Yanga, PhD


REGIONALISM A SURE BLOCK TO ETHNIC DOMINATIONS. By: Deng VanangThe all Equatorians conference which took place in Nyakuron cultural center in Juba a week ago undeservedly


Decentralization: a 'best option for ROSS' but lacking practicality. By: Deng Riek Khoryoam, South Sudan. Quote: If South Sudan is to be a federal state, its constitution should not only say so, its citizens should treat the constitution


SOUTH SUDAN LIBERATION ARMY SSLA. The MAYOM DECLARATION My fellow citizens of South Sudan,DATE:    11/4/2011


Betray for Interest.  By: KUACH YAK TUTKUAY. One of the main problems I have witnessed with the GOSS


Right Path for Multi-Party Democracy in South Sudan. By Dr. James Okuk. So by insisting that the current SSLA is not elected in an independent South Sudan, the DTCSS




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