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Akobo County youth community in Juba held consultative meeting on Wednesday that lead to the endorsement of the current Akobo county commissioner H.E Goi Jooyul yol to remain unchallenged for the time he is needed by the people of Akobo county.


Akobo youth and the community as whole were very much concerned to see their brother performing well with an ongoing development in the area. Unlike the former commissioner, H.E Goi Jooyul has shown to the people of Akobo community what government is standing for. One year in the mandate has done a lot to the people concern in term of physical infrastructure, development and good governance.  


Now in his period, Akobo has got an accessible mean of communication like other counties, good facilities to the visitors, confident building amongst the community emerged from war and still having mentality of war attritions, good educational policy with several schools started from the newly constructed Akobo secondary High School and Burmath primary school which are now in operation, construction of useable road from Bor through Gadiang   to Akobo, survey and organization of A kobo town, market and residential area, provision of clean drinking water with several water projects operating in the county, maintaining food for needy, like the population of the several payams of Akobo dispersed by Murle gangsters during the last year series of bloody attacks. These and many more quality of leadership has to be mentions about the commissioner.


Therefore, Akobo youth community through this respective community base association has clearly announced to the public and lobbyists that we don’t stand with whoever tries to pretend. Is a time for him to continues giving service to the community toward realization of comprehensive peace and maintenance of law and public order, repatriation and resettlement of the refugee and displaced persons to their original home stead, provision of education health and other essential social services needed for our community to benefit the peace dividend product, promotion of public and private development program at the county level, establishment of strong business relation with local and international friendly neighborhoods.


These and many developmental activities are all the tasks undertaken as priority by the Akobo commissioner and, we the community needs to encourage his move so as to make him able to do more to his people. We are much concern for the interest of our people that all the need for the leadership is to do what possible to them.   Meanwhile these development activities/projects which started by H.E Goy have to be left responsible for execution of these advanced projects which under operations as priority to his strategic program.  In order to meet and overcome these challenges



H.E the commissioner of Akobo county Goi Jooyul yol draw out a workable program of action based on clear set out of objectives during his one year period in office. His administrative program of action strict on enactment of the laws, regulation, and procedures for government units and institutions to establish responsibility and accountability of each employee on county level, job description and classification, financial and accounting regulations and procedures, public service regulation and term of employment, restructuring and redeployment of senior Civil Service Cadres of the county to ensure the optimal use of our manpower resources, establishment of Public Service Career Development Institution, like women groups, guarantee of rational use of government properties and facilities, ascertainment of the total work force (manpower) employed by the county and its running cost, border posts arrangement with neighbors communities to ensure maintaining

 of laws and order, establish constant line of contact with neighborhood and conducting reconciliation talks on the borders to resolves tribal disputes.


Signed by Ter Jok Wek the chairperson of Akobo County youth Association in Juba.

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