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President Kiir Mayardit has issued presidential degree pardoning general George Athor Deng and Gabriel Gatwech (Tang) and called them to come back to their army SPLA. by Deng Yak

The President of the semi autonomous government of Southern Sudan H.E. Kiir Mayardit pardon general Gabriel Gatwech well known by the name of Tanginya and general George Athor Deng plus other junior officer Gatluak who also rebelled following the April election result.

General Gatwech known as Tanginya fought SPLA in many areas of the South before Comprehensive Peace Agreement and after signing of the peace which brought in to an end the longest civil war in Africa which claimed more then two millions in the Sudan. it has stipulated in the Agreement that Southern Sudan will vote for self determination at the end of six years of the interime period it will be upon the Southerners to vote for unity of the country or split/separation of the country, due to this, the President of the government of Southern Sudan H.E. Salva Kiir want to unite southerners before the coming of the 9 01 2011 will be the time for voting and ensure the security before the voters registration.

General George Athor Deng was SPLA great fighter throughout the struggling period which lasted for 22 years of suffering, he was and independent candidate but due to political differences he rebelled last April against the government of semi autonomous region following an announcement of the election result, general Athor was contesting for the position of governorship in Jonglei State with his colleague who was with him during struggling period H.E. Kuol Manyang Juuk Athor contested the result and acussed ruling party in the South SPLM of rigging election result.

president Kiir has issue an presidential degree of pardoning those who were against the government of Southern Sudan before the comprehensive Agreement and after the comprehensive Agreement for the seek of the people of southern sudan to ensure estability in the region before the crucial time of referendum period come.


By Santo Deng Yak



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