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The South Sudanese Minnesota Crisis Taskforce - Supported SPLM in Opposition   Executive Summary .       TRIBALISM IGNITES THE CURRENT AND PREVIOUS CONFLICTS IN SOUTH SUDAN.                 NUER STUDENTS’ UNION IN KENYA CONDEMNED THE COWARDICE ACT BY THE SPLA ARMY IN BOR TOWN UNMISS CAMP ON CIVILIANS.                     Machar Breaks Silence On Fall of Bentiu.      he Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab republic of Egypt strongly condemns the killing of 17,613 Nuer civilians & the deployment of IGAD stabilization forces.        Machar Accuses SPLA Of Bor Killings. .              An ugly onslaught by SPLA army on Nuer civilians sheltering at UNMISS camp in Bor killed about 130 people.                    IS THE OIL A BLESSOR CURSE COMMODITY? .              ALVA KIIR AND YUWERI MUSEVENI: DOWN-RIGHTS REGRE Upper Nile State.                            BNFA Community. Condolence to the families of the martyrs unders the slogan(We we are nor others) BNFA Community make the prayers.                               Rebel Spokesman: Kiir Presiding over Faltering Regime On April 7, 2014, President Salva Kiir did the expected by recognising the Rwandan Genocide, and was in fact among regional and world leaders who had turned up to attend the 20th Anniversary in Kigali.                                     Why Equatoria SPLM Big Guns Will Topple Kiir.              Solution oriented conversations with Lieutenant General Ladu Gore.  by MARGARET AKULIA,                     General James Hoth, SPLA Chief of General Staff.                                       Division 4 commander Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol rubbished having surrendered to government forces. .                                       US to Freeze Assets of Bigwigs In S.Sudan War US has announced a possible freeze of properties belonging to anyone who will be singled out to have prevented South Sudan peace from being achieved.                      Top SPLA Secret.            BRIBERY, The New Peace Talk Mechanism That The Juba Government Has To Try. The group led by the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Ambassador of South Sudan to Kenya Majok Guandong,  Gen. Gony Beliu and Majiok Gatluak .                           South Sudan Ethnic Hatred Drives Rebel Leader’s White Army.                  Civilians At War: White Army Mobilizes As Machar Aims For Oil Fields In South Sudan.               South Sudan’s rebel leader vows to target oil fields.                        SOUTH SUDAN:  GENOCIDE, ETHNIC CLEANSING, NATIONAL UNITY AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION OR DISINTEGRATION?.                REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN: A LAUGHING STOCK IN AFRICA


Machar Breaks Silence On Fall of Bentiu.
Rebel leader, Dr Riek Machar, has finally opened up on his militias’ success in recapturing Bentiu the capital of Unity States

Machar Accuses SPLA Of Bor Killings. Former deputy president and now rebel leader, Dr Riek Machar, has accused government troops of raiding and killings civilians in a UN base in Bor Jonglei state


April 17, 2014  BOR - An ugly onslaught by SPLA army on Nuer civilians sheltering at UNMISS camp in Bor killed about 130 people.

South Sudan: Gen. Koang announces victory in Unity State!


Koang Chuol -2014-04-15 at 3.17.44 AM

The opposition forces, under Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley demonstrate their victory as masses chant in celebration in Unity state, capital Bentiu, April 15,2014 (Photo:

Rebel Spokesman: Kiir Presiding over Faltering Regime On April 7, 2014, President Salva Kiir did the expected by recognising the Rwandan Genocide, and was in fact among regional and world leaders who had turned up to attend the 20th Anniversary in Kigali. By Lul Koang

Why Equatoria SPLM Big Guns Will Topple Kiir. by Mr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino; Member of SPLM Party, Political and strategic Analyst;   Former Lecturer and Head of Department of Political Science, University of Juba

US to Freeze Assets of Bigwigs In S.Sudan War US has announced a possible freeze of properties belonging to anyone who will be singled out to have prevented South Sudan peace from being achieved. - See more at:

Division 4 commander Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol rubbished having surrendered to government forces. April 4, 2014  BENTIU - Major General Koang Chuol Ranley of division 4 in Unity state has strongly denied having surrendered to the




BRIBERY, The New Peace Talk Mechanism That The Juba Government Has To Try. The group led by the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Ambassador of South Sudan to Kenya Majok GuandongGen. Gony Beliu and Majiok Gatluak



South Sudan Ethnic Hatred Drives Rebel Leader’s White Army. By William Davison Apr 1, 2014 5:20 PM GMT+0200 Dozens of South Sudanese men chanted war songs,


Civilians At War: White Army Mobilizes As Machar Aims For Oil Fields In South Sudan. By Jacey Fortin on March 31 2014 10:35 AM. NASIR, South Sudan



  • South Sudan’s rebel leader vows to target oil fields. WILLIAM DAVISON JUBA, South Sudan (Bloomberg) -- South Sudanese rebels plan to capture key oil installations to force President Salva Kiir


    Politics: ‘If Kiir steps down, we will stop fighting’
    ADDIS ABABA (26 Mar.) - Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, a former lecturer in political science at the University of Juba, has now joined SPLM/A-in-Opposition in Addis Ababa. 



    South Sudanese rebels advance in Jonglei

    March 26, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA/JUBA) – South Sudanese rebels of the SPLM/A In Opposition said on Tuesday their forces have advanced in Duk county of Jonglei state after repulsing the government (...)



    Greater Equatoria to Rally Behind Machar The GRECOR, which is an umbrella of various political parties, NGOs, Women, Men, Youth and Children of Equatoria Region, hereby, declares that, as from today, Saturday, March 22, 2014, -


    “Kiir Must Step Down or Face Full Scale War” I’m Mr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino; Member of SPLM Party, Political and strategic Analyst; - See more at:



    Malakal: Rebels Move to Capture Oil Fields South Sudan rebels say they overrun and captured Wei-Miboor outpost which connects Guel-Guk with Adar Oil Fields north of Malakal in the Upper Nile States



    Europe, US say Kiir government ‘will face consequences’. ADDIS ABABA (20 Mar.) - The United Kingdom, United States, Norway and the European Union on the eve of peace talks have threatened 'sanctions' against the South Sudanese government owing to their...

    An Open Letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr. Børge Brende Concerning the Plights of Nuer IDPs at UNMISS Compounds In Juba. Dear Your Excellency, March 14, 2014 (SSNA)


    'Minister Spills Secrets of Juba Massacres' South Sudan rebels allege that the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Rachel Nyadak Paul


    South Sudanese Youth Returning Home To Fight Government.

    Marthe van der Wolf. March 10, 2014 ADDIS ABABA — Young South Sudanese who fled the conflict in their country are returning to fight against the government;

    Rebels accuse government of targeting Nuer traditional leaders March 9, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – The South Sudanese rebels led by the former vice president, Riek Machar,



    Joseph Nguen Monytuil fall out with President Kiir...

    March 9, 2014  JUBA - The highly revered governor of Unity State, Hon Joseph Monytuil


    At least six civilians killed in areas around Juba barracks JUBA (5 Mar.) She said that two uniformed men with guns came to the compound today demanding ‘Where are the Nuer living here?’


    Opposition general urges S. Sudan president to quit. By ANDUALEM SISAY President Salva Kiir’s resignation is the best solution to end the over two months-old war between the government of South Sudan and rebel groups, said chief of the opposition army.


    We’re Funding UPDF, says Minister Manyang The South Sudan minister of Defence, Kuol Manyang, has said that his government is funding the operations of Uganda’s army,


    South Sudanese rebel leader appeals for international support February 14th, 2014 at 9:44 am By Katrina Manson in Nairobi, The Financial Times


    Uganda to pull out of South Sudan gradually. We the Nuer will never forgive Uganda in East Africa. Posted on Thursday, 13 February 2014 13:19



    Uganda used Cluster bombs  in South Sudan 2014-02-12 22:11 New York - UN leader Ban Ki-moon condemned on Wednesday what he said was the use of cluster bombs in the war in South Sudan.


    Ethiopia’s Premier urges Museveni to pull troops out of South Sudan. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2014


    US tells foreign forces to leave South Sudan. Sunday, February 9th 2014 at 22:56 GMT +3. The political crisis in South Sudan appears to be escalating after the United States (US)


    We will never forget you Kiir for what you have done to us. Copy the link:



    President Obama’s failure to recognise South Sudan conflict seem to be a second Bill Clinton of Rwanda, 1994,



    US Intelligence: Kiir's Rule In Dilemma. The president of the troubled Republic of South Sudan is to continue with his rule despite resistance against.


    EXCLUSIVE – Kiir Lost Legitimacy, Should Resign, says Machar!


    Exclusive - South Sudan rebel leader says government derailing peace talks.

    By Goran Tomasevic


    Rebecca Nyandeng blames South Sudan’s Kiir over violence

    January 26, 2014 (JUBA) – Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior,

    South Sudan government, rebels say each other violating ceasefireReuters 18:59

    Indict Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit.  By: Daniel Abushery Daniel and Luk kuth Dak They say: "Never did anything wrong that they can take a picture of"

    Rebels keen to fight

    The BBC's Mark Lowen reaches Lankien in the north-east of South Sudan, where he finds rebels ready to fight on,


    UN voices concern over abuses in Malakal. Sudan People's Liberation Army conducting house-to-house searches in Malakal," she said, adding,


    S Sudan: Rebels grant BBC rare access to stronghold


    Generals clash with MPs over Kiir’s lette


    Machar: We’ll March Onto Juba to Oust Kiir The former South Sudan Vice President, Dr Riek Machar, has revealed that his forces are now organising to move to Juba for a last blow against the regime of President Salva Kiir. -


    Senior rebel commander says S. Sudan conflict should not be labelled as tribal war

    January 15, 2014 (KAMPALA) – Unity state rebel commander Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol said current conflict in South Sudan should not be viewed as a tribal war, describing it as a struggle against (...)



    South Sudan’s Rebels Recapture Malakal as Peace Talks Continue

    Malakal, January 14, 2014 (SSNA) -

    Doleib abandoned after clash within garrison MALAKAL (12 Jan.) A garrison near the capital of Upper Nile State has been abandoned by army soldiers and police after clashes with disloyal troops.

    JEM forces' attack on Bentiu town is repulsed by rebels loyal to Maj. Gen Koang Chuol

    President kiir has new titles. By Justin Kwaje. January 8, 2014 (SSNA) What is happening in the newest nation, the Republic of South Sudan

    Civil Unrest in South Sudan US Congress Jan 9, 2014


    UPDF: we have not lost any soldiers in South Sudan
    U.S. Asks South Sudan to Release Prisoners, Sees No Coup Attempt 

    Chimreports Uganda News


    Gen. Gatdet  Repulse SPLA At Pariak

                  South Sudan general killed in ambush

    Rebels Statement on the Recapture of Bor, Other Operations

    SPLA Gallantry Forces under SPLM Deputy Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar Teny...

    Rebels Receive Artillery For Juba Campaign The deadly Nuer White Army force is reported to have received heavy artillery today,
     Sunday, to easily launch their final campaign on the capital Juba. By Honeywell Dickens Okello 6 minutes ago - See more at:

    The South Sudan crisis shows the value of moral consistency in politics.
    The three-week conflict, in which rebellious soldiers backing former vice president Riek Machar are pitted against those loyal to president Salva Kiir

    Clashes along Juba-Bor road in South Sudan JUBA (3 Jan.) Clashes were reported on Friday along the entire Juba-Bor road in South Sudan. Hostilities have been reported up to 50km outside Juba near Mangala.

    Interview: ‘Army should defend the constitution’
    MALAKAL (1 Jan.) - SPLA Lt-Gen. Johnson Gony Biliu the man who doesn't care about the live of  people only money , the commander of the army’s 7th Division in contested Upper Nile State, says that the army should fight to defend national sovereignty and the... full story

    Uganda: South Sudan - Museveni Under Fire Over War Threat By Sadab Kitatta Kaaya & Deo Walusimbi, 31 December 2013 Some MPs have described President Museveni's threat of war against



    The Finger Prints on Genocide in South Sudan. BY: Stephen Par Kuol,Any body with keen interest in South Sudanese current affairs could not have missed the recent shuttle diplomacy

    South Sudan army again loses control of Bor
    BOR/JUBA (31 Dec.) - Witnesses in the town of Bor, capital of Jonglei State, reported clashes today as the town slipped out of the government’s control for the second time since the start of... full story

    Machar to Museveni: ‘Back off’ our country Daily Monitor 00:03

    more... KAMPALA/JUBA´South Sudan’s former vice president Riek Machar has responded to President Museveni, accusing Uganda of fuelling the

    Machar, ex-minister warn Museveni News Tuesday, 31 December 2013 22:20 Written by EDWARD SSEKIKA & ALON MWESIGWA  South Sudan’s rebel former Vice President Dr Riek Machar 

    Uganda sends forces to help Salva Kiir 'defeat Machar'. JUBA (30 Dec.) - President Yoweri Museveni has sent Ugandan forces to South Sudan and put them under the command of President Salva Kiir in order to help defeat Riek Machar if he does not respond... full story


    To achieve peace in South Sudan, SPLM/A must be scrapped

    Thursday 8th July 1965 around 10 p.m. or so at night I was woken up abruptly by unfamiliar sound. Tat! Tat! Tat! sharp sound in three successions. This was the sound of the German made G3


    Rights Group Condemns Uganda’s Involvement in South Sudan’s Affairs, Urges Ethiopia and Kenya to Stay Neutral

    Washington, DC, December 29, 2013 (SSNA) -- South Sudan’s human rights group, the Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) has condemned the Ugandan government’s involvement in South Sudan’s internal affairs.


    JUBA - Rebels in South Sudan have seized some oil wells and captured half of the capital of the main oil-producing region, the government and army said on Thursday as African leaders held talks to avert civil war.

    Atrocities being committed by the murderous Salva Kiir and the ruthless criminals in his service. His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations

    Massacre, rapes, executions in SSudan. South Sudanese soldiers have carried out ethnic killings, house-to-house killings and rapes, 

    General Peter Gatdet Warns Juba, Says he is Fighting for Freedom. Bor, December 22, 2013 (SSNA) -- South Sudan’s General Peter Gatdet Yak who recently

    Massacre of Nuer Civilians at the Hands of President Kiir’s Militia Press Release for immediate publication. Arizona, December 21, 2013 (SSNA) -- We the sons and daughters

    UN Says Base in Bor Surrounded by Thousands of Militants. The United Nations Security Council president said Friday that thousands of armed men have surrounded a U.N. base in Bor

    From Dr. Adwok: Sorry Sir, It Was Not A Coup Dec. 17National, Uncategorizedno comments.  BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, JUBA, DEC/17/2013, SSN; In the Editorial Analysis /December 16th/, Mr Peter Wankomo couldn’t have erred more in his analysis.

    Army defections as South Sudan violence spreads Posted: Dec 18, 2013 8:37 AM Updated: Dec 18, 2013 8:37 AM KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) - A South Sudanese army official says clashes among military factions have spread

    About 300 people dead as presidential guards and security agents target Nuer civilians in Juba... December 17, 2013
    287 people have been confirmed dead and more than 500

    Pres. Kiir Mayardit bringing in Ugandians trops without informing chief of staff General James Hoth Mai . Video youtube.



    Analysis about SPLM Crisis: Which group will win the party Leadership? By Peter Gai Manyuon


    President Kiir should step down in peace By Peter Gai Manyuon The autonomous of South Sudan came from a background of civil war which might not be forgotten by the generations to come



    President Kiir is responsible for SPLM failure   Call it dictatorial or otherwise, it is what it is, authoritarianism. It is an uncounseled positive ambition of the president to stay in power by force or else.



    South Sudan: Is it really a booming nation, or another Somalia? By John Bith Aliap, Adelaide South Australia. Readers of this article may agree with me that South Sudan's historical issues are far from resolved.


    Chicken coming home to roost: Jieng must take responsibility . BY: Elhag Paul, In the last fortnight the Jieng of Bor and some of their distant relatives from the other parts of the country



    Traffic Officers have spoiled the dignity of South Sudanese. By Peter Gai Manyuon This article is basically direct to Traffic Police Officers who turn to be thieves in the Republic of South Sudan, more so the new Nation in the whole world context.


    South Sudan’s oldest tribal elder dies age 119

    November 4, 2013 (JUBA) – Elder Simon Mayan Tut, believed to be the oldest elder on records in South Sudan, died on Sunday in the Upper Nile state’s capital, Malakal, at the age of 119. Born in (...)



    (Chan Isaiah, August 14, 2013) TEN MONTHS GONE; JUSTICE DELAYED; JUSTICE DENIED; CRY THE BLOOD OF ISAIAH ABRAHAM! A letter of reminder from New York.  By Biel Boutros Biel


    S. Sudan: A Case of Rising Insecurity and Poor Justice System. By Deng Vanang With insecurity upsurge fluctuating in Juba city, government’s current efforts may be more commendable if only they are regularly improved over time and sustainable.


    Why President Kiir must disclose his health status!


    Gabriel Tang’s indefinite detention and the social grievances: A note to the presidency By: Bol Tut Khan Rom

    September 11, 2013 (SSNA) -- In a brief statement about Gabriel Tang: Gabriel is ...

    Kiir on offensive, Machar on retreat, then who shall have the last laugh? By Deng Vanang September 10, 2013 (SSNA) -- Since my last article in mid July entitled: ‘’SPLM’s Split Portents Hope for South Sudan Fledgling Democracy’

    Tears will be endless if the perpetrators are rejoicing normal life   By Diu Tut Deng “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” Dr. King.

    President Kiir’s next moves on implementation of 39 laws. By Kueth Yul Dieu. September 2, 2013 (SSNA) --President Kiir Mayardit has finnaly announced his last appointment today for his lean government.

    KIIR AND WANI GOVERNMENT WILL STUCK SOMEWHERE IN A MOTNTHS  By. Mak Banguot Gok Akobo/Jonglei   President Salva Kiir Mayardit appointed James Wani Iga the new Vice-president of the Republic followed a month of bewilderedness on who to fill the Vice-presidency  after Riek Machar sacked. Dr. Riek


    The Making of a Tyrant Salva Kiir: Not yet Uhuru! BY: Joana Adams 28 Aug 2013 It is high time the SPLM tore down the misleading slogan of “equality, justice, freedom and prosperity for all,” which litters our streets and invades our public spaces.


    SALVA KIR’S TAINTED LEGACY & THE FIGHT FOR REEDOM IS UNRELENTING: By Stephen Pajok Kong   The striking development of Sudan People Liberation movement (SPLM/A in its liberated areas and in the world politics for the last two decades was its human rights violations & abuses

    Burden of History behind Ngundeng Bong’s Big Picture. By Deng Vanang. As South Sudan independence’s day celebrations fast approach, it is time to reflect on people and events that had shaped history leading to freedom on 9th July 2011


    Waiting for another destruction, a country born without nationalism, the Republic of South Sudan  Date: June 3, 2013    By Gatluke Chuol Reat


    The Government of Sudan detained family members and confiscated the Properties of former South Sudan Rebel Leaders. For Immediate Release Leadership Council of Former SSLM/A, SSDF and SSDM/A Juba, South Sudan


    SSDA Sent Forces to Attack Bor Town Public Statement South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A) Jebel Boma Headquarters


    "SPLM party is a wrong platform to stage a brutal dictatorial leadership Truth alone will obtain a lasting victory” –Antoine Nicolas. By J. Nguen Nyol


    "desperate lies” a statement issued by Peter Lam Both. Jikany-Nuer community accuse SSRRC chairperson of “lying” on their behalf. May 1, 2013 (JUBA) – Members Jikany-Nuer community in Juba including lawmakers at the national legislature have described as "desperate lies” a statement issued by Peter Lam Both

    South Sudan: Political Patronage, Tribalism, Lost of National identity, and Diminishing of Nuer Power and Values

     The SSDM/SSDA is Not Part of the Surrender Deal  Several mass media outlets have carried Date: 27 April 2013

    Col. Peter Konyi Kobrin 

    To : H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit  President,   Republic of South Sudan  Cc:  Lou Nuer elders and Politicians Date: 01/05/2017 Subject: Lou Nuer Community Rejected some elders and politicians’ six (6) points Letter to the President as Betrayal and Shamefull Act

    Nuer Community of North America calls upon UNIMISS to save the Republic of South Sudan 20/04/2013 
    Tribal war in South Sudan is unavoidable in 2014-2015

    In this article, I would like to emphasize the title “Tribal war in South Sudan is unavoidabl...


    National Serving in South Sudan need patriotic. By Diu Tut Deng South Sudan become free at last after casting for referenda and got her independent in the hand of colonial in the North Sudan in July 9th 2011,


    Presidential decree reducing the powers of South Sudan’s Vice President Riek Machar.





    Deputy Minister of Interior Salva Mathok Gengdit, Slaughter a Traffic Police in his Hous at Tongpiny on Easter Sunday   On 28th March 2013 at Tongpiny about 5:00 PM, Sgt. Banyjioth left for shopping nearby; from there he did not return home. 

    Millions in cash money stolen from President Kiir’s office in Juba



    Dr. Timothy Tongyik Tutlam's life History


    Lou Nuer Youth condemns the attacked in Akobo

    List of Companies Involved in RSS Grain Scandal.

    The war is on, on Nuer Generals, Another Brig. Gen. Chuol Gaka Yier is arrested this morning with out a oncerte evident nor have any warrant for his arrest. But source in Juba said that he was arrested just because some one tell Majak D'Goot that he is related to Simon Gatwech Dual and he is not happy because Gatwech is in jail.

    Lou Nuer community in Australia Strongly condemns Akobo Walgak massacre

    We didn’t kill UN Peacekeeping Forces in Jonglei Public Statement South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army (SSDM/A) Jebel Boma Headquarters April, 9, 2013

    Juba — South Sudan's vice-president Riek Machar is heading to Jonglei, the region's largest and most troubled state, to visit communities affected by recent fighting in the area, says his media official.

    Dr John Garang was an appointee of the Ethiopians to the SPLM. Manyok Chuol's article, 'Dr Garang and the question of South Sudan Founding father: A reply to Elhag Paul,' published on 12th January 2...

    South Sudan does not need ‘strong leaders’!   Quote: “Wisdom is knowing when to speak up your mind and when to mind your speech!” Source: Unknown   By: Deng Riek Khoryoam, RSS   Since South Sudan gained her independence from the mother Sudan more than a year ago,

    NUER COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE CALLS FOR CHANGE IN SOUTH SUDAN For Immediate Release Nuer community in Canada, Europe, USA, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda January, 7, 2013

    Why the President must Resign. The Government of South Sudan has failed completely to rule over the people of South Sudan this is a fact that cannot be deny, everyday people got killed by Government personnel such as securitye,

    Dr Michael Wal Duany: A life Worth Living  As we enter into the new year 2013, death has robbed us of our dear colleague and brother, Dr Michael Wal Duany who passed away in Nairobi on the 1st of January 2013 after a long illness

    Nuer Community of North America Calls upon UNMISS To Stop South Sudan Government for Killing People In The Name Of Peace. For Immediate Release 01/01/2013 Nuer Community of North America (NCNA) The newly elected Nuer Community of North America’s leadership is appealing to UNMISS

    Bol Gatkouth, Christmas and New Year Greetings.   Christmas it is special festival for Christians to celebrate the nativity of our lord Jesus Christ. At Christmas, special food is eaten and people hand-outs gifts. Other faithful obedience also celebrates Christmas as well

    Breaking News   SPLA burn down over 300 home outkirts Akoba County, Jonglei Sate, South Sudan   SPLA  has been order by Dr Majak D'goot, General Kuol Dim Kuol and Governor Kuol Manyang to attacked Dak Kueth in Akoba County on Monday December, 17, 2012

    Legacy of Ngundeng. By Ruach Wal Yat Nuer Religion: The Nuer word "Kuoth" Spirit means God. Nuers also speak of him more definitely as Kuoth Nhial or Kuoth a nhial, which mean "Spirit of the Sky or Spirit who is in the Sky."

    saiah Abraham, you’ll hardly be forgotten.  BY: John Bith Aliap, Adelaide Australia The untimely death of our great friend Isaiah Abraham on Tuesday the 4th of December is a big blow to South Sudan as a nation, his friends and his family. I personally

    Juba, South Sudan. PRESS STATEMENT: For Immediate Release: December 10, 2012. SSHURSA calls for full investigations, resignation of the Ministers of Security and Interior and urges for speedy trial of the assassins:

    Death of Isaiah Abraham is a Nightmare.  By: Peter Chuol Gatluak Date--December 11, 2012. Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day. Fear of imprisonment, fear of torture, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family,

    At least 30 killed in S Sudan cattle raid. Juba - At least 30 people were killed and dozens wounded in a cattle raid between warring communities in South Sudan, the latest in a string of bloody clashes between rival ethnic groups,

    Ambassador Inaugurates Local Community Court At Gok-Machar. The United States of America’s Ambassador Susan Page together with NBGS governor inaugurated two newly built local courts in a recently bombed payam of Kiir-adem.

    The Presbyterian Church centennial celebrates in Nasir County - Upper Nile State. Marvelous vigor animates the faith of men and women who move through these long Journeys from New York to Upper Nile state of South Sudan and more importantly

    Nuer youth -South Sudan Press statement released This press released statement it is coming as a result of what has released by so-called Dinka or Jieng community Association or tribal motivated Association based in Juba South Sudan on 14 of Oct 2012

    North America’s Nuer Community Calls For Popular Uprising
     Press release Nuer Community in Canada and USA
    Date: 23/10/’12 After deliberating for three days, the intellectuals of Nuer community in Canada and USA composed of Youth,

    Nuer Youth call for anti-government mobilization as leader arrested by South Sudan security. Oct. 20  Media Release Nuer Youth Executive Council, Juba, South Sudan Main points: * Peter Tut Hoth, Nuer Youth president forcefully arrested by Military intelligence, allegedly all Dinka

    The recently leaked secret list in southern Sudan containing about (50) leadership were involved in the theft of money (including northerners) have been detected among the amounts he stole every official, as follows

    Nuer Youth Demand The Release of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec Duel Media Release: Nuer Youth Executive Council, Juba, South Sudan October, 16 OCT. 17/2012,  The Nuer Youth leadership

    Dinka Community Supports the arrest of Maj. Gen. Gatwec Duel For Immediate Release Association of Jaang Community in Juba Oct, 14, 2012

    Senior S. Sudan army officer allegedly arrested over rebel links October 14, 2012 (JUBA) - An anonymous source in South Sudan’s army, SPLA, on Sunday claimed that senior

    South Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal says police beat him. What is the Dinka [Jäng] want? BY: Alan Boswell, McClatchy, USA

    A GLOWING TRIBUTE TO LATE GENERAL PAULINO MATIP NHIAL. By: Deng Vanang The death of one of highly decorated South Sudan’s Generals Paulino Matip Nhial on 22nd August 2012 in Mayo clinic in Nairobi, Kenya although unwelcomed news to most South Sudanese,

    Riek Machar’s Baseless Allegations in the USA Reflect Ignorance: SPLM-DC Chairman

    Riek Machar’s Baseless Allegations in the USA Reflect Ignorance: SPLM-DC Chairman
    10 October 2012
    Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Democratic Change

    The Chairman of SPLM-DC, Dr...

    Sudan TV:South Sudan rebel invasion of areas of Upper Nile Maban captured

    South Sudan’s Missing $10 Billion. by THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN

    April 19 - Sudan's president vows to 'liberate' South Sudan from its ruling party as tensions escalate. Paul Chapman reports.

    Watch videos South Sudan Hub


    The Tribalism is the South Sudan


    Southern Sudan TV shows portray the battles from Heglig

    inside Heglig by sudan tv

    Press Release South Sudan Revolutionary Forces Besieged Akobo Town Thursday, 4 October 2012- Akobo Town- South Sudan Revolutionary Forces besieged the strategic Akobo Town in eastern part of Jonglei State. SSRF Eastern Command and the SPLA forces have been fighting around Akobo in the past few days. 


    SSLA in contact with SPLA rebels.The South Sudan Liberation Army is hereby confirming having contacts with 700 SPLA forces who rebelled against Salva Kiir's leadership at Renk on September, 9, 2012. The SSLA is also working to establish


    PRESS RELEASE SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL MUSEUM – DESIGNERS VISIT TO SOUTH SUDAN. The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports, South Sudan, in partnership with the British Council and UNESCO, is organizing a visit by the British designer group, Metaphor (


    Escaped at Juba prison, live or died By Moses Chuol Wal   Dear South Sudanese and world community at large A horrors stories to tell in Juba prisons and a horrific way to witnessed it "Never, never be afraid to do what's right,


    DISBANDING SPLM-DC? NO, THINK AGAIN Mr. PRESIDENT. By Deng Vanang Are my ears clear or vividly closed with a cotton wool? I m hearing the murmurs in tea places, casual conversations under leafy neem/mango trees,

    Gender Equality and the Human Rights Concern in South Sudan. By Peter Reat Gatkuoth “The discrimination against women means any distinction, exclusion, 


    We in the Anuak Justice Council (AJC) call on President Salva Kiir and all others in his government to not only provide safety to the Anuak from South Sudan, but to defend and protect the rights of Anuak whose indigenous land lies on both sides of the river. Press Release (Vancouver, BC, Canada) May 23, 2012


    Khartoum must de-link its own engineered problems in South Kordufan, Blue Nile, Darfur and Israel from its historical divergence with the Republic of South Sudan. By: John Bith Aliap, Adelaide, and South Sudan.

    We are united and committed to promotes peace,
    national healing and reconciliation and prosperity among Unity State citizens.
    Dear compatriots and fellow citizens,


    [SPLMDC-FORUM] south sudan-from independence to uncertainty. SOUTH SUDAN-FROM


    Reasons behind the defection of Maj. Gen. James Duit Yiech
    For Immediate Release
    Joint Statement of SSDF, NDF, SSLA and SSDA
    Date: 07/05/2012

    The people of South Sudan have come  a long way, and still they have a long way to go, the Independence that has been recently acheived was started by South Sudanese some time  1/1/1956. By Bol Thon Nyabeb, JUBA


    South Sudan’s Missing $10 Billion. by THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN
    South Sudan’s leaders have stolen at least $10 billion in oil revenues shared with them by Sudan in the past 7 years.



    SSDA Headquarters, Tonga, Upper Nile State
    April 27, 2012


    South Sudan, reeling from Sudan counterattack, says it will withdraw from Heglig. BentiuSouth Sudan -- South Sudan announced Friday that it will pull its forces from the disputed border territory of Heglig, - McClatchy Newspapers

    BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan announces immediate withdrawal from Heglig as SAF claims victory. April 20, 2012 (JUBA) – South Sudan said on Friday that it will withdraw troops from oil-producing area of Heglig in three days, Reuters has reported, citing the country’s information and media minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin. "The Republic of (...)


    South Sudan’s Machar calls on youth to join the army and defend the nationApril 19, 2012 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s Vice President, Riek Machar, has urged the youth in the ten states of South Sudan to join the army amidst signs of further escalating border conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, (...)


    Dr. Lam Akol's Response to Heglig Issue.  Dear all,
    I find Jacob Akol's article interesting, especially the

    exposition on where   Heglig (Paanthou) belongs. However, I do not understand why he blames the     
    international community,


    SSDF and SSLA Forces Captured three SPLA's barracks in Maban
    For immediate Release SSDF and SSLA Joint Command, Maban, South Sudan
    April, 17, 2012

    The gallant forces of South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) and South Sudan  Liberation Army (SSLA)


    Press Statement.The South Sudan Democratic Forum condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the aggression of Sudan Government against the nascent State of South Sudan.13 April 2012

    1956 Borderline Recognition
    is a positive solution to South and North Sudan Conflict.

    By: Gatkuoth De-Lew / Juba
    The ongoing confrontation between the two
    newly separated Republics without borders and the 


    For immediate Release. SSDA and SSLA military leadership, Jonglei, South Sudan April, 15, 2012 The leadership of SSDA and SSLA appointed Maj. Gen. David Yauyau


    Sudan vs. South Sudan: A war over ownership of resources and Recognition of national Sovereignty
    BY: John Bith Aliap, Adelaide South Australia.
    The people of the Republic of South Sudan fought a long-deadly war that has ever been recorded in the world’s history with the North Sudan


    SPLA should never move away from Heglig
    BY: KUACH YAK TUTKUAY SPLA. will never move away from Heglig. The purpose of this article is to congratulate
    comrade Kiir on his quick and brave response to the


    Is Arabic an afterbirth of the Islamism
    BY: KUACH YAK TUTKUAY.South Sudan as a new republic has made the firststep ever in formulating policies and strategies one of which is the policy on


    David Yau Yau got away with the SPLA rank: Game theory work well within the SPLA system. By Peter Reat GatkuothThe year proceeding to the independent day of the South Sudan saw the first defection and open armed rebellion among the Southern soldiers.

    Jonglei “magician” influential in inter-ethnic conflict
    April 09, 2012 (BOR) – A self-proclaimed “prophet from God” in Jonglei state is thought to be having vast influence among local people, according to local officials. People displaced by the Jonglei conflict (UN) Dak Kueth, a Lou-Nuer spiritual (...)

    Nuer Youth Community in Diaspora Condemns the Killing of Civilians in Bari Community.The Nuer youth in USA and Canada have condemned the indiscriminate killings of ten Bari civilians in Komeru suburb of Juba between March, 4th and 5th. After conducting an investigation of the causes of the killings, the Nuer [Youth] community concluded that the Bari civilians


    Oil clashes along Sudan borders. Clashes break out in oil-rich border areas between Sudan and South Sudan in what is described as the biggest confrontation since the South's independence last July.

    Rebel group claims to have captured SPLA base; vows to liberate other towns. SSLA CAPTURED SPLA BARRACK IN PARIENG For Immediate Release
    SSLA Headquarters, Mayom, Unity State
    March, 26, 2012


    The Fulfilled Drama of South Sudan Benydit and Guandit Not Bandit
    By James Okuk, PhD.Few weeks back in Juba after Mr. Pagan Amum, the
    Secretary General of the Sudan People’s 

    Nyirol Massacre and the current attack of Puowbor.

    Nyirol Massacre and the current attack of Puowbor: The Murle found the land where it is people are w...


    South Sudan army clashes with Lou-Nuer armed youth in Jonglei state. March 23, 2012 (JUBA) – South Sudan army has reported clashes with some armed youth of Lou-Nuer in Jonglei state resisting a disarmament process the government launched after a series of retaliatory attacks in December. Vice President, Riek (...)

    White Army’ Clashed With The SPLA, At Least 7 People Dead. Dear members of the media, March 20, 2012 This is to inform you that on March, 19, 2012, around 1200 SPLA forces attacked our forces at Pieri Payam of Uror County. The fighting started at 3:00pm and lasted until 5:30pm.


    The 6th Stage of the Dinka Kingdom. By: Kim Deng, Bilpam, South Sudan Kimdoms come in all reigns, but RSS [the Dinka Kingdom) is differ from all since it reigns through autocracy rule. The Dinka empire tribalist nature has been confirmed since its inception in 1983. Gross human rights violations were committed by late King, Garang’s


    Sudan: Unity State Rebels - We Will Support Jonglei Anti-Disarmament Militia.

    London — A South Sudanese rebel group operating predominantly in Unity state announced they will assist a Jonglei state militia to oppose a disarmament programme being carried out by the national army.


    The Minister of Electricity and Dams, Job’s performance. Author: Mayar Mayar Kout
    Basically, there is nothing personal in making this evaluation on what the Minister does, or his approval rating. This assessment will include all previous ministries that

    The White Army Vows to Launch a ‘Real War’, Warns SPLA. Dear members of the media, We will attack Mureland and occupy it March 1, 2012 (SSNA) -- The Nuer White...





    The South Sudanese Minnesota Crisis Taskforce - Supported SPLM in Opposition   Executive Summary   April 13, 2014, Minneapolis-The patriotic diaspora citizens of South Sudan in Midwest were excited by the 2005


    he Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab republic of Egypt strongly condemns the killing of 17,613 Nuer civilians & the deployment of IGAD stabilization forces.   Beloved South Sudanese citizens & the world






    BNFA Community. Condolence to the families of the martyrs unders the slogan(We we are nor others) BNFA Community make the prayers

    Solution oriented conversations with Lieutenant General Ladu Gore.  by MARGARET AKULIA, CANADA

    General James Hoth, SPLA Chief of General Staff. By Deng Vanang?’’

    Top SPLA Secret



    Museveni and Kiir: will these two dictators ignite regional confrontation in East Africa? By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak Date: March 21, 2014


    Also the Undercover Group have learned that, the seems to marginalizes sub-tribes of Dinka by the smaller size sub-tribes are the most populated





    The reason and background to the present crisis: A book review. By: Bol Khan Rom


    THE DARK DAYS OF DICTATORS ARE OVER I wish some of our present African rulers shouldread the world history and thoroughly

    Government South Sudan Deserves. By Deng Vanang ‘’Be the change that you seek, quipped Mahatma Gandhi’’. In six years self

    Fangak Youth Union condemns innocent people carnage, disowns an area MP  Press release—for immediate release

    Was it a failed coup or a failed assassination? By: Weirial Puok Balaung “They [Kiir’s group]

    MAJOR CAUSES OF THE CURRENT CONFLICT IN SOUTH SUDAN. by Daniel Wuor Joak Since the formation of the Government


    The blood money feed in the bad history “There is time for everything, time for sadness, happiness, poverty and a time for having wealth” By Diu Tut Deng

    Nuer Community in Egypt Condemns the Killing of Nuer in South Sudan; Says it Was a Calculated Move by President Kiir. Displaced South Sudanse (women and children)

    Reason for Civil War Facts in South Sudan. By Lam Jok Wai

    SSTV must not preach tribalism. By: Weirial Puok Baluang

    Destructive Moves by President Kiir and President Museveni Towards IDPs and Civilians, UNMISS Compounds/Camps, Juba, South Sudan. February 9-11, 2014


    Are the four Political Detainees Safe in juba? By Peter Gai Manyuon It has never been a surprise

    What was the purpose of a sword as a gift to Mrs. Ayendit. By: Stephen Lang De- Ruai


    Kiir and Museveni: A materialistic relationship of 'common foxes' without tails. By Kuach Y. Tutkuay

    South Sudanese around the globe needs to act aggressively against Salva kiir’s dictatorships regime! By Lam Jok Wai


    The responsibility for South Sudan’s current turmoil:It’s. By: Bol Khan

    In depth Analysis about South Sudan Ceasefire and implementation. By Peter Gai Manyuon

    The Political Significance of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement BY: DR. PETER ADWOK NYABA, RSS, JAN/25/2014;

    Photo of Kiir with handkerchief ‘destroying the image of South Sudan’

    The Nuer Community call for Removal of UN head Mission in South Sudan. The Nuer Community of North America Calls upon United Nation, the United State of America, Canada, Russia, China and Europeans Union to call for removal of Hide Johnson, the head of UNIMISS


    Salva Kiir presidential guards: Stop feeding Nuer with dead Nuer rotten fleshes What has taken place in south Sudan national’s capital Juba was an ill-fated incident that should have been


    Did you know that President Kenyatta and Museveni are Criminals in Eastern Africa? By Peter Gai Manyuon  For those who do not know the background of the two gentlemen, they might say that the two


    South Sudanese Civil war rise up under Salva Kiir Mayardit, and result Massacre to innocent Nuer Civilians in Capital Juba, South Sudan. Written by author’s Ruach Wal


    The Fabricated Coup (South Sudan) : A Confession from a Party insider (a) SPLM & DEMOCRACY: The fate of this young nation is in the hands of two men whose rivalry and distrust goes back to the beginning of SPLM/SPLA.


    The Nuer Community of North America Calls upon China, Russia and Iran and Ethiopia to save. 2014-01-01


    The Sources of South Sudan Problem Going back through history could provide us with clear understanding on where the source of problem that lead to Dec 15, 2013

    Isolation of Hon Both Diu in South Sudan history is Ironical. By Peter Gai Manyuo


    President Kiir should decree out some Governors for Violating Rule of Law By Peter Gai Manyuon

    Analysis about Coming of Bashir to South Sudan By Peter Gai Manyuon I was wondering and still wondering about President Bashir coming to Juba because, he term South Sudanese people as “insects” however, since last week,


    Find the attached statement on the deadly attack of Twic East County in Jonglei that occurred on Sunday, October 20, 2013. SSHURSA


    South Sudan's Leaders and Accountability. By: Bol Khan Rom   In today's world, particularly in South Sudan almost everybody wants to be a leader. Of course,



    Telar Ring lied and should apology August 18th, 2013 By J. Nguen Respect, trust and peoples’ confidence are build and earned and not given or force through peoples’ throats when deemed necessary by those in power

    Vincent Kuany Latjor: a man who struggled for the right of his people wholeheartedly. By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak June 28, 2013

    An urgent message to friends of South Sudan.   A/ John Prendergast B/ Eric reeves C/ Brain D’ Silva D/ Ted Dagne and E/ Roger Miller     By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak

    South Sudan: a deeply polarized country! By: Deng Riek KHORYOAM, South Sudan 27.07.2013


    The Nuer Community will not react negatively to President Kiir’s reshuffling.   For immediate Release: 7/25/13  (NCDS-USA)


    SPLM’s demise or revival
    y J. Nguen May 28, 2013In South Sudan, stakes driven highly by tribalized political ills are high. As such

    Democratic, authoritarian, totalitarians or what system of the governance do South Sudan wants to have?

    By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak

    May 24, 2013


    Battle of Wits to Heal SPLM’s Sick and Dying Soul.  But is the independence party too sick to heal? Queries Deng Vanang


    The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) the Citizens from the organize Crime and Systemic killing. By Peter Reat Gatkuoth Both


    Refute letter to World Tribune on allegation that they have levelled against South Sudan Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny Durghon


    THE JEBEL BOMA DECLARATION   March, 28 to April, 2nd, 2013 Jebel Boma, Jonglei State Republic of South Sudan

    The principle of distinction in the Law of war ought to be enforced and legalized internationally and nationally.  By Peter Reat Gatkuoth Both

    The Emerging “Asian Value” in South East Asia Nations.     By Peter Reat Gatkuoth   Human rights struggle is not always or partially connected with the economic success and function.


    Observatory Account of the SPLM Chapter’s faulty election in Adelaide South Australia on the 27th January 2013: An Insider version  By John Bith Aliap, Adelaide South Australia


    The causes of Sudan’s break up and the Future of South Sudan By Lam  Jok Wai Wuor, Introduction: Sudan, once regarded as the largest country in Africa, broke up into two on July, 9, 2011, after decades of conflict.

    An open letter to S Sudan president HE Kiir Mayardit Expect the coexistance of Ador Community in your government or expect the resistance. Part 1

    Biography of Late Lt. General David Duol Paleak Dhuor Late David Duol is a brother, a cousin and a friend to so many brothers, cousins, friends, colleagues or classmates.


    Partners, government unveil major water project to reduce conflict in Jonglei   29 November 2012, JUBA,


    SSHURSA calls for the extension of NCRC mandate.

    SSHURSA letter to President Kiir




    The implementation of Dinka Domination in South Sudan By Gordon Buay Introduction: When South Sudan became an independent state last July,

    Dr. Riek Machar address to Sudanese and American friends in Rochester Minnesota
    By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak
    October 13, 2012

    For press release. POSITION OF SPLM-DC on The Cooperation Agreement between The Republic of the Sudan and The Republic of South Sudan", Addis Ababa, 27 September 2012. A General


    Who will be eligible for Post-Service Benefits:  An open statement from the Directorate of Pensions & Social Insurance, the National Ministry of Labour, Public Service & Human Resource Development

    Why Educated, Creative Youth No longer at Ease with Armed Rebellions  By: Deng Vanang

    Timeline South Sudan: The Evolutionary Phases of South Sudan’s Liberation Struggle (part 1). Posted: July 25, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël in Editorials, PaanLuel Wël

     Timeline South Sudan: The Evolutionary Phases of South Sudan’s Liberation Struggle (part 2). Response to the Collo Intellectual Community Articles on the creation of City Mayor in Malakal Referenced to articles posted on “The Citizens” newspaper several times particularly “Tuesday, August 14 2012 – Vol. 7. Issue 214” followed by article

    FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE Condemnation letter: for Appointment of unconstitutional mayor of Malakal Township by Gov. Simon Kun Puoch Governor Simon Kun Puoch has denied Chollo Position of the


     SPLM-DC on the President’s Letter to “Corrupt” Government Officials Position of the SPLM-DC on the President’s Letter to “Corrupt” Government Officials 17 June 2012 Dr Lam Akol

     South Sudan: U.S. Report Accuses Country of Human RightsAbuse, Corruption. 28 MAY 2012. Juba — A series of extrajudicial killings, torture, rape, and other inhumane treatment of civilians occurred in South Sudan in 2011 as a result of conflict between the South Sudan army (SPLA)

     1. Letter from president Kiir 2. Letter from president Kiir 3. Anti Corruption South Sudanese in Ethiopia Reject the Appointment of Arop Deng Kuol as Ambassador to Ethiopia. For Immediate Release The people of South Sudan have come  a long way, and still they have a long way to go, By Bol Thon The Color of Ethnic Domination in South Sudan. By: Gordon Buay,  3/18/ 2012

     Dec. 28 - South Sudan's vice president, Riek Machar Teny, urges calm in the aftermath of an attack. Deborah Lutterbeck reports ( Transcript )

     The “New Sudan,” vision and its effects on Southern Sudanese unification. By: Kim Deng, Bilpam, South Sudan.

    An Open Letter to Fangak  County's Commissioner. Cc: Fangak County  Community's Chairman. Cc: Honorable MPs  of Fangak County. By  Bol Tut.  

    All Nuer Should Fight Murle Youth and SPLA Defectors who Create Insecurity in South Sudan Decree No: 001/1/12 Hon. Gai L Ngundeng, January, 15, 2012  


     The Root Causes of Conflicts in South Sudan. May 14, 2011 (SSNA) --

     South Sudan liberation Army Videos. DRAFT TRANSITIONAL CONSTITUTION OF UPPER NILE STATE- 2011 Nuer-English Dictaionary  In PDF Secret Master of klling Tangginya, Thomas Mabor and Gatwech Jok. From: Bior Asuad To: Kuol Demabior

    Two journalists were arrested over a story criticizing President Salva Kiir, for allowing his daughter to marry an Ethiopian national. (The New Sudan Vision) she Was pregnanted before giving her to an Ethiopian man. South Sudan SSL specialist Force

     Wars in our back yard, state of south Kordofan and Blue Nile state.  Written by: Mayar Mayar Kout  

    The implication of the Monkey’s court case: Who is right and wrong? By Peter Reat Gatkuoth

     This seriouse attacks was carried out by the citizens from Amich county in Warrap State on 10th/Sept/2011 against Mayiendit county Citizens in Unity State.  

    Displaying Bior Asuad and Kuol de Mabior’s stupidity I think stupid bior asuad and stupid kuol de mabior by Majok Deng

    To all Nuer Communities around the World and all NCIF Members By Majok Deng Thank God that we are set apart for having our new

      Congratulatory Letter from Mr. Obang Metho, Executive Director of SMNE to President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the people of the Republic of South Sudan.  

     Dr. David de Chand on SPLM/A atrocities agaist the Nuer Nation of South Sudan SPLM/A Targeting the Nuer Nation for Genocide in South Sudan. September 5th, 2011 at 6:53 pm By David de Chand  


     What we want is Economist in the Ministry of Finance, not a Money keeper. Author: Mayar Mayar Kout

      Bul Community in Diaspora Challenge the Wisdom of Abysmal SPLM Leadership in Unity State. PULLITA COMMUNITY CONGRATULATES GENERAL JOHN KONG NYUON. We the community members of Pullita Payam of Fangak  

     Tribalizing things Will Take Our Young Nation to Nowhere. by John Adoor Deng, Australia

      Kir, masterminded the killing of Col. Gatluak Gai E-mail:   Brief Analysis on Dr Machar Unreserved Apology. By John Adoor Deng

     Col.  Gatluak Gai, was assassinated by Dinka intelligent Friday, 29th July 2011 E-mail:  Public Statement Col. Gatluak Gai,

      (SSNIAHR) Human Rights Group Calls Upon UN to Protect Civilians in South Sudan Public Statement South Sudan Nuer International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSNIAHR) July, 25, 2011

    Bul Community Leadership in Diaspora call for Bul Society Solidarity from now onward Dear Fellow Citizens of Bul community members Worldwide: Your community (Bul)

     Congratulatory Message to the People of South Sudan Liech Nuer Community Association of Australia Inc (LNCAA) would like to congratulate the people of South Sudan  


    The longer civil war in Africa, prides paid 2.5 millions lives and no one is responsible? by Luke Chuol   Press Release 06/26/11 By Nhial Gatkuoth Chung  Juba: South Sudan Lou Nuer Youth Association in Juba has strongly condemned the attack  

    NUER SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE ENDED SUCCESSFULLY. PRESS RELEASE Corruption and mismanagement of public funds in GOSS. BY: Mabor Yiel Naih, YIROL, SOUTH SUDAN. June 17th 2011

    SPLA brutality against civilians needs international attention Humanitarian crisis spread across South Sudan like wildfire. Since the signing of comprehensive

    If Kiir is the Boss of GoSS he Should Fire Dr. Riek Machar Written/Submitted by Dr. James Okuk    Tuesday, 14 June 2011 00:00  

    Meeting Minutes with Thowath Pal Chai at Mankato State University: June 10, 2011. By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak  

    SPLA USED TO DESTROY CIVILIANS.  As a witness and have experienced the situation of SPLA/M, I can encourage you to go forward to present your case to the human right organization as the voice of democracy so that the world may know our problem with SPLA/M.  


     BUL COMMUNITY IN DIASPORA CONDEMN THE KILLING OF INNOCENCE CIVILIANS IN MAYOM COUNTY BY THE SPLA   Sub:Are Dinkas born to rule the South Sudan?  May, 26, 2011 A typical conversation of three friend men of the South Sudan,


    A challenge for South Sudanese Leadership: It is quiet longer to read. by Dear brothers and sisters in the South Sudan, I have been annoyed by many writers including  




    SOUTH SUDAN LIBERATION ARMY SSLA. The MAYOM DECLARATION. My fellow citizens of South Sudan John Luke Jok was wrong: Response: - Easter Sunday remarks by John Luk Jok During Easter Sunday services H.E Justices John Luk  


     Prosecution or Persecution: Dr. Josephine Lagu exposes her political victimization. BY: Dr. Josephine Lagu Yanga, PhD  


    REGIONALISM A SURE BLOCK TO ETHNIC DOMINATIONS. By: Deng VanangThe all Equatorians conference which took place in Nyakuron cultural center in Juba a week ago undeservedly


     Decentralization: a 'best option for ROSS' but lacking practicality. By: Deng Riek Khoryoam, South Sudan. Quote: If South Sudan is to be a federal state, its constitution should not only say so, its citizens should treat the constitution  


    SOUTH SUDAN LIBERATION ARMY SSLA. The MAYOM DECLARATION My fellow citizens of South Sudan,DATE:    11/4/2011   Betray for Interest.  By: KUACH YAK TUTKUAY. One of the main problems I have witnessed with the GOSS

    Right Path for Multi-Party Democracy in South Sudan. By Dr. James Okuk. So by insisting that the current SSLA is not elected in an independent South Sudan, the DTCSS


      Matip Home 2008 SPLA USED TO DESTROY CIVILIANS.  As a witness and have experienced the situation of SPLA/M, I can encourage you to go forward to present your case to the human right


    BUL COMMUNITY IN DIASPORA CONDEMN THE KILLING OF INNOCENCE CIVILIANS IN MAYOM COUNTY BY THE SPLA   Sub:Are Dinkas born to rule the South Sudan?  May, 26, 2011 A typical conversation of three friend men of the South Sudan,


     A challenge for South Sudanese Leadership: It is quiet longer to read. by Dear brothers and sisters in the South Sudan, I have been annoyed by many writers including MANIFESTO SOUTH SUDAN DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT  &SOUTH SUDAN DEFENCE ARMY        (SSDM/SSDA)

                         Video          Matip Home 2008